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Helix 4-kanavainen dsp.


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The M FOUR DSP is more than “just” another four-channel amplifier – rather, despite its small dimensions, you are dealing with a powerful control center that has not less than a total of ten processed DSP channels. In addition, the amplifier delivers plentiful output power with generously 100 Watts RMS per channel into both 4 Ohms and 2 Ohms load.
Finally its awesome price performance ratio in combination with the fantastic feature set will ensure bright eyes.

Even the internal amplifier section of the M FOUR DSP is extremely variable – it can either be operated in 4-channel mode or, thanks to its bridging capability, can also be configured as a 3-channel or even 2-channel amplifier.
But that′s not all – in connection with the six pre-amplifier outputs, the sound system can be expanded in a diverse manner and upgraded to up to 10 channels.
In combination with other amplifiers of the M series (M ONE X, M FOUR or M SIX), there are more than enough possibilities to expand the number of power channels.
This makes complex, yet affordable and, above all, space-saving multi-channel systems with enormous performance possible.


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– Up to 135 Watts RMS max. output power per channel into 4 & 2 Ω
– Extremely powerful 64 Bit “fixed point” Audio DSP and state-of-the-art 32 Bit AD and DA signal converters from AKM
– ACO – Advanced 32 Bit CoProcessor platform for enhanced system and DSP features like:
ISA (Input Signal Analyzer) and InputEQ for easy analysis and compensation of input signals
– SFX sound effects – Augmented Bass Processing, StageXpander, RealCenter & Co.
– Smart 6-channel highlevel input with ADEP.3 circuit
– Six RCA / Cinch line outputs with max. 6 Volts output voltage
– Virtual Channel Processing (VCP) allows even more f- lexible configuration for highly complex sound systems
Bridgeable amplifier channels for driving powerful woofer or subwoofer
– DSP-board manufactured in Germany